Breathing is in the Brainstem

She asked me, “how do we know the airway has changed?”  I told her, ” we don’t, unless we scan it.. so, let’s take a 3D image!” So we did!! …and the results were totally amazing!! We literally doubled her pharyngeal volume in just over one year using the T.A.P. Method.

  • RESULTS: (30 minutes after T.A.P.)
  • 90% Minimum AP Airway Change, Post TAP:                                    
  • Pre TAP:      A to P:     5.12mm  
  • ESTIMATED AREA:   22.06mm2 X 1.87 = 41.25mm2    
  • Post TAP:    A to P:     7.30mm              
  • ESTIMATED AREA:   41.85mm2 X 1.87 = 78.25mm2

Airway and Spinal Curvature Improved instantly after T.A.P:

  • 42% Increase in AP Dimension Instantly After T.A.P.
  • 90% Increase in Minimum Airway Instantly After T.A.P.

RESULTS: (13 months later)  150% Increase in Airway after Epigenetic Oral Appliance Therapy combined with T.A.P. 

Sagittal Anatomage Image/ 3D Rendering


  • A to P:       9.21mm
  • ESTIMATED AREA:           67.92mm2
  • ACTUAL AREA:                     195.5mm2

This is an amazing 79% increase in AP dimension following T.A.P.and that means a 150% increase in the minimum airway area!!

A big thank you to Dawn for letting us keep your head on straight, and letting our team tell your story!!

Dr. Chris Chapman