Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the procedure storied BYU and NFL quarterback Jim McMahon had for his severe headaches, memory loss, and concussion induced dementia?

Yes, Jim McMahon had this treatment.  His headaches were so bad from his many impact injuries that he would actually drop to his knees.  There were days when he could not leave a darkened room.  TAP imaging analysis revealed his brainstem was being compressed by the first vertebrae in his neck, the Atlas.  This gentle treatment, as reported in The Deseret News, was a “godsend for McMahon.”  His headaches and pain disappeared.

Why is the T.A.P. Method more effective in treating TMJ than the treatments TMJ dentists do?

Dentists are trained to look only at the mouth and jaw. They cannot move the Atlas.   In TMJ the jaw is askew above a misaligned Atlas and can never fully go back into place until the Atlas is realigned beneath the jaw.  This is one of the things that happens in the TAP procedure.

In treating Sleep Apnea why is the T.A.P. method superior to a C-PAP?

C-PAP is a tool that keeps a patient breathing while they sleep.  It does nothing to actually improve the underlying structural issues that cause sleep apnea.  TAP and it’s adjunct protocols actually work to increase the size of the airway, thus decreasing dependency on C-PAP.

What exactly does a gentle "T.A.P" have to do with Back Pain, Sleep Breathing Problems, Facial Pain, Anxiety, Migraines and the other symptoms it treats?

The Atlas is the gateway to the brain stem and nervous system.  The brainstem governs and balances all of our body’s organs and systems.  In addition, the Atlas, because of its location makes up a part of the upper airway region.  When the Atlas is misaligned it disrupts blood and cerebrospinal fluid flow–it also can affect the status of the upper airway and cause wake or sleep airway problems.  Simply by bringing the Atlas back into alignment many of the symptoms can go away.  Sometimes we find it necessary to design a special intraoral appliance to stabilize the Atlas and develop more functional airway space.  It’s that simple.  Many patients who have undergone our treatment are no longer dependent on their C-PAP machines.

Why do auto insurances usually cover this procedure 100 percent?

People will often walk away from an auto accident believing they have no injuries only to notice later that “something” has changed.  They suddenly start having headaches, or are just achey everywhere.  Perhaps they went to an emergency room and were told they were fine only to be plagued with brain fog, a sore neck and painful hips and back.  The culprit is usually the Atlas.  When sitting in a vehicle the most vulnerable part of the body is the neck—it gets tossed about in an accident.  It takes specialized imaging to see the damage done to the Atlas.  The TAP procedure is effective even on injuries that happened many years ago.  Effects of the TAP procedure are completely verifiable with imaging.  Thus, auto insurance companies will cover the treatment.

What is the difference between Lymphatique and Endermologie?

Think about Lymphatique as Endermologie on steroids.  It accomplishes everything Endermologie does and so much more!

Why is Lymphatique superior to CoolSculpting in eliminating fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise?

CoolSculpting kills fat cells.  Repeat—CoolSculpting actually causes cell death, necrosis–never a healthy thing.  Also, fat has to go somewhere and will often eventually build up in other places on the body where CoolSculpting was not performed.   Lymphatique revitalizes every cell in the body, including fat cells.  It allows the body to burn fat and  release toxins built up and clinging to the fascia.  The body releases toxins and  fat in a HEALTHY manner.  All the while fat is being worked out of the body, skin is being revitalized and rejuvenated—two benefits at the same time!  This revitalization is also why eyelids lift, lips plump, and bottoms just get perkier!

Can I use Lymphatique to reduce leg swelling even while pregnant?

Yes, Lymphatique is sheer bliss for the Mom to be– a couple of hours of Lymphatique treatments makes a great baby shower gift!

Why do you offer Lymphatique in the same clinic where the TAP procedure is performed?

The TAP procedure is the perfect underlying structural treatment for Lymphatique to perform to its fullest potential.  Once the body is precisely aligned with TAP, the body drains toxins and inflammation in a more efficient manner.  Also, once a body is free of inflammation healing of all types occurs more rapidly.  The full benefits of the TAP procedure are realized more quickly when TAP is combined with Lymphatique.

What is the most common symptom you treat?

Migranes, TMJ, and sleep apnea seem to be almost epidemic in our society…..but we also see a lot of whiplash, back, and joint pain. Lymphatique really deals with the toxic overload our systems are all coping with these days.