Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have no pain or health issues and want to move straight to the Lymphatique Beauty treatments?

That is always an option, but beauty treatments are always more effective when preceded by a Lymphatique session that jump-starts and cleanses your lymphatic system. Schedule a free consultation and we can recommend the best option for your body.

What is the difference between Lymphatique and Endermologie?

Think about Lymphatique as Endermologie on steroids.  It accomplishes everything Endermologie does and so much more!

Why is Lymphatique superior to CoolSculpting in eliminating fat deposits resistant to diet and exercise?

CoolSculpting kills fat cells.  Repeat—CoolSculpting actually causes cell death, necrosis–never a healthy thing.  Also, fat has to go somewhere and will often eventually build up in other places on the body where CoolSculpting was not performed.   Lymphatique revitalizes every cell in the body, including fat cells.  It allows the body to burn fat and  release toxins built up and clinging to the fascia.  The body releases toxins and  fat in a HEALTHY manner.  All the while fat is being worked out of the body, skin is being revitalized and rejuvenated—two benefits at the same time!  This revitalization is also why eyelids lift, lips plump, and bottoms just get perkier!

Can I use Lymphatique to reduce leg swelling even while pregnant?

Yes, Lymphatique is sheer bliss for the Mom to be– a couple of hours of Lymphatique treatments makes a great baby shower gift!

What is the most common symptom you treat?

Migranes, TMJ, and sleep apnea seem to be almost epidemic in our society…..but we also see a lot of whiplash, back, and joint pain. Lymphatique really deals with the toxic overload our systems are all coping with these days.