The CCJ is the most complex and difficult region of the body to align, but when correction is achieved the results can be simply amazing. Patients notice changes throughout their entire body as normal alignment and function is restored. So, how does it work?
The T.A.P. Method can be described in  in the following four steps:
  1.  L-ift Lymphatic Function!
  2.  A-lign the Atlas!
  3. S-tabilize the Atlas!
  4. T-hrive Epigenetically!

At – LAST!! The answer you’ve been looking for!

Step One: Call the Lymphatic System to Action!

The Atlas (C1), Axis (C2) and the Cervical spine have a major impact on lymphatic drainage.  A misalignment in these areas—the CCJ–is essentially a major plumbing problem for the whole body and brain.  It was once taught that the brain was an immunologically privleged organ—a “blood brain barrier” existed and the immune system had no access to brain tissue.  We now know otherwise.  The brain is cleansed by the “glymphatics” the way the body is cleansed by the “lymphatics”.  An Atlas misalignment  blocks drainage through the internal jugular vein.  This blockage increases cerebrospinal fluid pressure.  The pressure in turn blocks glymphatic and lymphatic flow.  Cellular debris (dead cells, pathogens, viruses, environmental toxins, bacterias, allergens) now have no way out.  They collect in the body, adhering to fascia, and manifesting as inflamation, pain, puffiness, cellulite, and “fat” pockets resistant to diet and exercise. In the brain they are now thought to be the start of many neurodegenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s.

The T.A.P. Method starts with Lymphatique, a unique system utilizing FDA approved computerized equipment designed to supercharge the lymphatic system.  The Lymphatique system gently and precisely rolls and stimulates the skin.  Debris is released from the fascia and flushed into the lymphatic system.  Collagen and elastin production are stimulated in your body’s largest organ, the skin.  Oxygen and nutrient rich blood flow can now nourish the freshly cleaned cells.

Your body has now been prepped for T.A.P.step 2: ALIGN.

“My TMJ is gone after the T.A.P. procedure. However, I go to Atlas Epigenetics at the change of every season for Lymphatique treatments to control my seasonal allergies. I can breathe freely even during the worst allergy and fire seasons with Lymphatique--no meds needed.”

Jeffrey K.Spanish Fork, UT

Step Two: Align the Atlas!

An array of high tech imaging has now been completed.  These scans include  multi-dimensional digital images of just the C1; scans calculating the mathematical correlation of the arches in the back, neck, feet and upper palate; a scan measuring the balance and force of the bite, and an open, upright CT scan examining the juxtaposition of the soft and hard tissues in the CCJ.  The equipment used to align the C1 has been calibrated per image analysis.  The C1 is aligned.  Almost instantly many symptoms are gone.

Now the trick is to “hold” or “Stabilize” the alignment.

“Atlas Epigenetics is extraordinary! I have suffered with trigeminal neuralgia for over four years. The pain is finally gone.”

Janika R.L.Park City, UT

Step Three: Stabilize the Alignment!

Once the C1 has been aligned most patients will feel an alleviation of all or some of their symptoms immediately.  The quest is to get that C1 to  stay in alignment–“Stabilize”.  Body’s will “compensate” for a misalignment by developing an array of postural, muscular, neurological, and even systemic irregularities to “normalize” and support their misalignment….one leg pulls up, one shoulder drifts forward, the head tilts to the side or leans forward, the adrenals live in constant flight or fright, breathing is shallow and often through the mouth, blood pressure raises, the lymphatic system clogs beyond capacity—-and more.  Now that the Atlas has been aligned it takes the body a bit of time to rebalance around the proper alignment.  All of this almost imperceptible but dramatic movement will often pull the C1 somewhat out of place.  It will not go back to where it started but it will slip a bit for a few weeks while the body is remodeling if left to it’s own devices.  That brings us to stabilization.

Stabilization is accomplished in minor cases with a handful of short follow up visits:  the doctor checks to see if a patient is holding their adjustment.  If not the C1 is put back in place.  This is repeated until the patient is healed and holding.

In more severe and sensitive cases the doctor will prescribe an epigenetic oral appliance—a very lightweight oral appliance designed around the patient’s C1 alignment.  It is typically worn about 12 weeks–the patient by that time holds and heals–the appliance is no longer needed.

And finally, we are ready for the most exciting and rewarding step of the T.A.P. Method:   Thrive!

“For the first time in my life I am migraine free.”

Granger G.Lehi, UT

Step Four: Thrive Epigenetically!

Ontogeny, development of an organism from a single cell, continues in a human being from conception to grave.  Said simply, “growth” never ceases during the human life span.  Only the rate of growth varies at life stages.

This growth occurs per a “genetic blueprint.”  Genes, however, do not function in isolation.  They pick up developmental clues from the environment.  This leads to gene-environmental interactions that alter the growth trajectory of the genetic blueprint.  This phenomenon is known as EPIGENETICS.  Toxins, poor diet, injury can all set the body on a course of negative epigenetic development.

A child can break a leg at age three and the body’s growth pattern shifts to accommodate the injury.  One leg is shorter than the other, the hips are now uneven, the spine thus twists, one shoulder now comes forward, the neck and jaw are stressed and a crossbite is born.   The Atlas, the kingpin of the entire spinal anatomy is forced into an unnatural position preventing the body from straightening out on its own.  The airway is stressed and squeezed. The entire growth trajectory is now a twist–a little tree growing bent instead of straight upward.

Properly Align the Atlas within the CCJ,  Stabilize the Atlas, and the force of EPIGENETICS  is  redirected .  The bent tree can now grow straighter towards the sun.  Epigenetic growth now enables the body to THRIVE!

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Above photo left to right: Epigenetic researcher  Dr. G. Dave Singh DDSc, PhD, BDS; Dr. Chris Chapman D.C., BCAO, DCCJP; and airway patient Donny Osmond who graciously agreed to share his case for a teaching seminar held by Dr. Chapman at Atlas Epigenetics.

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