Melissa D.

Five years ago my beautiful little son, Calvin, was born via emergency Cesarean Section. There were complications. The laparotomy ended up leaving a horrible scar. I also have Crohn’s Disease which is an autoimmune disorder that causes a great deal of inflammation—the body actually attacks itself. I was in a world of hurt. The scar was painful, and not healing. I had consulted with plastic surgeons. They could do nothing for the pain. I decided against another invasive procedure. I heard about Lymphatique and it’s ability to reduce scarring. With my Crohn’s Disease I also thought it might help with the pain from constant inflammation. I decided to try it.
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Leslie Trammell

First let me start with the office. It’s gorgeous and very inviting. The staff is friendly and they thoroughly explained the procedure, what to expect, and the benefits of lymphatic drainage. I already had enough information prior to even seek out this specific treatment and this specific company, but it was very reassuring to receive additional information. My lymphatic drainage specialist was Emily. She made me feel very comfortable and she is very good at what she does. She seems to have a unique gift for this procedure, knowing exactly where my body needed help. Expect to possibly fall asleep! This all said, I lost an inch off my waist and arms! I continued to drain through the day and the next day, I was down 2 lbs. Although this is not a weight loss program or procedure, I can see how it is going to jump start my weight loss journey. Because of years of lymph build up and trauma to my body, (I’m in my 50s) I was in a word…clogged. I have tried everything under the sun to try and lose weight and nothing has worked but unclogging my lymphatic system is propelling me forward and for the first time in years, I feel better, look better, and most importantly, hopeful! Thank you Clinic Lymphatique and Emily!

Melissa Smith

Love it!, doing lymphatics has helped me so much; especially with pain and bringing down my inflammation. Before starting I had a ton of scar tissue that made moving difficult and now I’m moving more freely. Emily is an amazing practitioner and I highly recommend her.

Abigail Trammell

I have only had one treatment but I want to come back for more! This type of work genuinely is magic and works amazing. Never have I felt so relaxed during and then after the treatment. Immediately results were visible, physically and mentally. Definitely recommend. Staff is polite and welcoming too.

Emily Manwaring

For years, I suffered from chronic and deep muscle pain throughout my body, but primarily in my legs and right hip. I tried everything to uncover what was causing the pain and find ways to address it–all types of massage, MRI, sports medicine, physical therapy, laser treatments, orthopedic examinations, painkillers, stretching, yoga, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, epsom salt baths, essential oils, chiropractic care, chakra and energy work, standing desks–you name it, I probably tried it. While some methodologies brought temporary relief for a day or two, nothing addressed the core issues. To manage the pain and retain some mobility, I was getting weekly 2-hour massages from a structural massage therapist and using a percussive massage gun for 2-3 hours each night in between massages. But my muscles became progressively stiffer, the pain increased, and it began to noticeably affect my mobility. Having a desk job didn’t help. Through my own research, I had concluded that my fascia (the connective tissue that surrounds your muscles and organs) might be the problem, so I was looking for a way to treat and rehabilitate my fascia.
When I called the Lymphatique office, Joyce kindly spent 40 minutes talking with me about my symptoms, what Lymphatique treatments were designed to do, and how they could potentially help me. At my first Lymphatique treatment, the technician identified many long-standing lymphatic blockages that were impacting the health of my fascia and creating even more inflammation. After my first treatment, I felt lighter, my muscles felt invigorated, and I could breathe more easily.
After a few treatments, I could see a clear correlation between Lymphatique and the pain relief I felt. My chronic muscle pain began to disappear and I could move more easily. As we consistently worked out the long-term lymphatic blockages that had hardened throughout my body, it cleansed and rehabilitated my fascia. Working out the lymphatic blockages wasn’t always comfortable, but all the technicians–Leilani, Emily, and Savannah–were gentle and observant and assured me that, as we retrained my lymphatic system to drain properly, the inflammation would decrease and stabilize. After 6 treatments, my muscle pain was substantially diminished. I was still doing 2-hour massages, but I only needed the massage gun occasionally. As an added benefit, the treatments reshaped my face and resurfaced my body by decreasing inflammation.
After 10 treatments, my chronic muscle pain is nearly gone! We’re still working on removing all the long-term lymphatic blockages, but I’ve scaled back substantially on massages and haven’t used the massage gun in weeks. Clinic Lymphatique–the treatments, the education, the staff–has been a true game-changer for me. Thank you so much!

Savannah Sorensen

My experience at Lymphatique has been amazing, after each treatment I feel like I’m floating. My face has lifted, and my chin and jawline have tightened. The constant pain in between my shoulder blades is completely gone and consequently, my posture has improved. Before discovering Lymphatique I battled constant aching headaches, but after treatment I rarely get them. But most importantly, I’ve seen the most progress in my TMJ. I used to wake up with pain in my jaw, making it almost impossible to eat food at times. For years I went to doctors about my TMJ problems, but they almost never had anything to offer besides botox. With this treatment, the pain has finally gone away completely. I can finally say that my body finally feels like my body again.

Lynn Winward

In 2014, at age 46 I retired from Air Force as a healthy military pilot participating in yearly marathon and triathlon events. I had suffered minor chronic sinus problems since 1991 after a wisdom teeth extraction, but had learned to effectively manage the symptoms for 2 decades. In 2015, I felt something shutdown in my neck and my whole world turned upside down. I spent the next 2 years searching for answers from ENTs, cardiologists, gastroenterologists, etc.
With no answers to my severe weight loss, anxiety, and brain fog, I turned to the holistic community and my own research. I finally diagnosed myself with chronic inflammation/leaky gut, and started a rotational diet. I knew within 2 weeks that something was working. Over the following 18 months, I reset my digestive system. I also found a holistic dentist who theorized that my dental work in 1991 had created a chronic jaw infection, and he performed cavitation surgery cleaning out my extraction sites. The surgery began the long slow process of internal lymph drainage that had shutdown in my neck years earlier that no one in my medical network could diagnose or treat.
Fast forward 4 years, and my progress to return my systemically degraded lymph network to normal was progressing slowly via chiropractic, acupuncture, and other life changes. Then my wife handed me the add for Clinic Lymphatique. On my first call, Joyce and I spoke for almost an hour. She was the only person in 8 years who listened to my story and even more importantly understood my bizarre set of symptoms. I’ve now completed 6 months of treatment and have healed exponentially from the jumpstart this process initiates to stimulate my lymph movement each time I visit. The staff is amazing and accommodates my busy flying schedule.

Jodi Mayo

Great benefits. Can not say enough! Leilani is terrific. Great energy and understands your lymphatic system and tells you what is going on. My face and body look so much better.

Jodi Lynn

I am so impressed with the results after my second treatment. My face looks so much younger and my back and entire body are benefitting. I have lupus and I feel so much better! Emily is absolutely awesome.

Frederika ten Hoopen

I received 5 treatments at Lymphatique from Leilani which was amazing. For 2 years I had not been feeling myself and that my body was in a constant stage of inflammation from arms, legs, hips and back! I came to Lymphatique because I had researched ( I’m a nurse) various methods and because I understood that this treatment would move that inflammation out of my body using state of the art technology… it wasn’t just a massage! I told Leilani that she had the magic touch that means so much! She could touch the troubled areas with every so gentle fingers and then with the equipment she sculpted and rolled these troubled spots away. I could feel immediate relief after the first day but knew I needed more time to work out all these clogged areas! So what was magic became miraculous! I feel like myself again and with a good diet and mild exercise I can keep improving. But I plan on going back for maintenance from time to time to keep toned, and even out my skin… searching for any areas that need improving. What was also amazing was the added bonus I felt by having more energy, a lot better sleep, and a toning up of the muscles in my face which was a real wow! I could go longer in the day and do many more chores and I could rest in comfort. I used to not be able to stand or sit too long without my back starting to hurt, but that is slowly fading away! Thank you all at Lymphatique for your courteous care, loving hands and professional consultations! I love you!! And I love what you do!!

Brynlee Lattin

For the past 18 years, I have struggled heavily with the MTHFR gene mutation, which lead to chronic fatigue, IBS, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, sleep apnea, Reynauds, and debilitating depression and anxiety. I have tried many different “solutions” from doctors with trial and error, becoming hopeless and further down the spiral of high inflammation in my body and brain. I became exhausted and mistrusting of doctors, further feeling helpless and hopeless. If anyone is struggling with detoxing your body or dealing with the MTHFR gene mutation, I HIGHLY recommend Lymphatique at Atlas Epigenetics. The lymphatique treatment has changed my life for the better. My inflammation throughout my body and brain has improved drastically. My brain fog, anxiety, depression, internal and external inflammation, quality of life- every aspect of my life has completely changed for the better. I am now able to have the energy to stay more active, spend quality time with my daughter while being able to stay in the present moment, retain information, to have the motivation to make bettered life changes, and so much more. My sleep quality has been a day and night of a difference. Everything in my life has drastically improved for the better. This is truly a breath of fresh air. The lymphatique treatments are amazing, pain free, and non invasive. Not only does this kind of treatment help with these debilitating symptoms, it also helps move stored, repressed trauma from your deep fascia. The lymphatique treatments get to the root cause of my suffering and have helped my quality of life immensely. I am truly grateful for this amazing and newly found approach in treating the MTHFR symptoms and toxicity overload in my body. This treatment feels like a dream massage as well. It’s a win-win! I feel like a brand new person every time I get these treatments done and I always look forward to the next. I am truly grateful for such a wonderful approach and experience. The clinic is amazing and has high vibrational energy and employees. They have done such an amazing job creating not only an incredible solution to this exhausting journey, but also creating a safe environment emotionally, physically, and spiritually for me. I am in awe with the positive domino effect this has brought into my life and well being. Thank you Lymphatique! Before & after pictures from the lymphatique treatments below.

Mariah Begay

I’ve been doing this treatment weekly, for a month now and I LOVE my results so far!✨ It has benefited me in my everyday work life.😊 Highly would recommend, if you have restricted range of motion, tightness or swelling. Also this technique is completely painless!! 💯

Em T.

I’m now on my third treatment here and I am obsessed with my results. The lymphatiq protocol is the best method to realign and detox all the parts of the body naturally! No surgery!!. I’m only 22 and suffer with so much congestion and inflammation and I’m so happy I found a method that finally aides in me feeling like myself again. I can’t wait to receive more treatments!

Jennifer Steel

Many times over I heard your lymphatic system is congested and recommendations were give but I decided to try Lymphatique. I finally made the called and spoke with Joyce for quite a while. She is so kind and very knowledgeable with the system she has that help clear the lymphatic system. I booked my treatments and prayed that this would be what I needed to help. After the first couple treatments I was exhausted and by 7pm I was ready for bed. I noticed a huge change in my sleep. I was sleeping so much better and woke up feeling refreshed… no headache, congestion, or feeling like I had to wake up for a good 30 minutes before starting my day. I felt like everything was brighter and my mood was lifted. As I did more treatments I noticed pain and stiffness leaving and I felt I could move freely. However after my third treatment at Lymphatique I noticed I didn’t have have the catch or rubber band feeling in my neck. I could move it freely from side to side. I couldn’t believe how great my neck felt and still feels!! I’m looking forward to more treatments as I continue on my healing journey.

Rachel Bowen

I have MTHFR and have struggled with symptoms such as extreme fatigue, foggy brain, puffiness/swelling, headaches that last for days and even weeks, being exhausted at night and unable to get good rest, and when I get sick it would linger and last so much longer for me than it would anyone else in our home. I committed to a 30 day, 4 treatment plan (lymphatique) and I saw AMAZING results halfway through my first session even! My headache I had been fighting for weeks was completely gone, the swelling and puffiness especially in my face and eyes had gone down drastically and that night I slept a full 7 hours of good, deep, refreshing sleep! My energy levels have boosted right up, and I have been feeling better than I have in years! On top of all of that when I did get sick- it only lasted 3 days instead of the usual 2 weeks. I can’t say enough about how this treatment has helped me! I highly reccomend this to anyone struggling with MTHFR.

Angel Z.

For the past several months, I have had many health-related issues ranging from severe fatigue, migraines, brain fog, swollen glands, a swollen face and aching joints. I looked online for things I could do to address these symptoms and feel better. I read about the lymphatic system, the possible symptoms related to build up of toxins and the consequences of not draining them properly.
During my research I found Lymphatique at Atlas Epigenetics. I called them and spoke with Joyce who explained how their treatment works and how it could really benefit me. For instance, I still have some old face filler that I could not get rid of which made my face look puffy and Joyce told me that by getting my lymphatic system taken care of, that it would breakup the remaining filler and tone up my face in addition to other benefits beyond just my face such as reduced tension, anxiety and inflammation.
I was a little skeptical on my first treatment but was super impressed with some of the immediate results I experienced. For instance, one of my knees has limited range of motion and it is always very painful. After my first treatment, my knee did not hurt at all and I was able to increase the bend of it. I think the treatment helped me by reducing of inflammation not just on my face but on my knee as well. I was happily surprised at this extended benefit of the treatment.
Lindsey, who did my lymphatic drainage procedure, was very sweet and took the time to explain each step of the treatment. Since my face was a main area of focus for me, she worked breaking up that filler. Lindsay even asked me if I wanted to take a picture so that I could compare the before and after changes and I regretfully passed because looking in the mirror soon thereafter, I was amazed how the puffiness and swelling was dramatically reduced. Lindsay does an amazing job and I am grateful that I got to meet her.
Thank you both Joyce and Linsey. I appreciate you for helping me be in less pain and feel and look healthier.


The staff was so knowledgeable and the Lymphatique treatment was not only relaxing but has been so helpful for me. I feel better, lighter, my face and belly look skinnier and I can breathe easier from relieving the inflammation. My face feels so soft and my whole body just feels better. I need this treatment all the time, and I’m traveling in from out of state for it.

Jamilyn Larsen

I’m excited to give a big shout out to Lymphatique and the changes it’s brought about in my life.
For a couple of years, I’ve had crazy insomnia – resulting in low energy that kept me from doing so many things I wanted and needed to do.
Then, one day while I was Googling about sleep apnea, I came across a European medical spa that offered treatments called Lymphatique. I was intrigued by the potential benefits, but disappointed that it seemed to be available only in Europe. Later, I realized that it was also available in Provo, UT.
Someone who has sleep apnea and insomnia issues is willing to try just about anything. Even though it was a 40-minute drive for me, I believed it might be beneficial to me and I quickly booked an appointment.
After my first treatment, I could instantly breathe. Instant success, in my mind. It’s so hard to fall asleep when you can’t breathe very well.
The second treatment brought even more great results, so I signed up for a snoring app. I wanted to develop a baseline and see if it was really doing what I thought it was.
Following the third treatment, my snoring decreased more than 50%. My overall quality of sleep improved and the length of time I was able to stay asleep improved drastically. Since then, I’ve been able to get a consistent eight hours of sleep each night. I faithfully track this on my FitBit, as well as the snore app, so I know it’s real!
This has changed my life in multiple ways. I have increased energy, a decrease in general inflammation, and no more muscle fatigue when I get up in the morning. I can think clearer, my skin is now softer and glowing – and I can finally see my ankles again! I’ve made no other lifestyle changes, though I know I should, so I am attributing these little miracles to my treatments. Thank you, Lymphatique!

Lisa C.

Losing inches, gaining energy!! The science behind this fascinates me…and it definitely works. After 4 treatments in 6 weeks, I lost 7 inches total. (Didn’t lose any pounds so I know it wasn’t water weight.) Customer service is excellent, as are the facilities. This treatment is definitely worth the investment. 10/10 recommend!

Maria Lombardi

The lymphatique treatment was amazing. Joyce at the front desk was knowledgeable, welcoming and on top of things. Fenishia the technician was professional and efficient. The whole experience was amazing. I tend to get a lot of swelling and Fenishia was a pro at identifying these areas and getting noticeable change before leaving the office. Highly recommend a visit if you are thinking about it at all.