Melissa D., Cedar Hills, UT
Five years ago my beautiful little son, Calvin, was born via emergency Cesarean Section. There were complications. The laparotomy ended up leaving a horrible scar. I also have Crohn’s Disease which is an autoimmune disorder that causes a great deal of inflammation—the body actually attacks itself. I was in a world of hurt. The scar was painful, and not healing. I had consulted with plastic surgeons. They could do nothing for the pain. I decided against another invasive procedure. I heard about Lymphatique and it’s ability to reduce scarring. With my Crohn’s Disease I also thought it might help with the pain from constant inflammation. I decided to try it.
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Melanie Wilcox
Bluffdale, UT
I started using Lymphatique in September 2017 after my surgery. I was looking
for something to help with the healing process, reduce post-op swelling and
pain I was experiencing. During my research, I stumbled across Lymphatique. I
found that Lymphatique is such a great system to help with reducing post-op swelling and pain by draining the lymphatic system. Who knew there was such a thing out there specifically for this?  My recovery was awesome after each treatment. I felt better and the swelling and pain was all but gone. I continue to use Lymphatique today because of the awesome benefits, such as lymphatic drainage, tighten and tone my skin, and it doesn’t hurt it helps my cellulite. Lymphtique has changed my life, give it a try!
Breanna W.
Salt Lake City, UT
I’ve been told since the age of 13 there is no cure for scoliosis—that I would some day need surgery as my condition progressed.  Atlas Epigenetics eliminated my pain without surgery.  I am grateful for the doctors and staff at Atlas Epigenetics!
Jordan Smith
Saratoga Springs, UT
I went to Atlas Epigenetics for the T.A.P. procedure after a car accident.  I had whiplash and was told in the emergency room after my accident that I was fine.  My achiness, vertigo, and headaches got worse as time went on.  The T.A.P. procedure took care of my symptoms and the office staff did a great job with my auto insurance—all visits covered!
Jose R.
Provo, UT
Dr. Chris helped me with my auto-insurance and I feel so good now!
Kristy L.
Burlingame, CA
Totally worth the trip from California. Nothing else had worked to help with TMJ. Thanks AE!
Tristan S. (Written by Mom)
Spanish Fork, UT
My 9 year old son had airway and breathing issues, and hadn’t grown at all in a year! He was a mouth breather when he slept, and he always complained about how his neck and back hurt him and was always trying to pop himself back in place.
I did have a traumatic birth with him, and it turns out that can affect a lot with children. His C1 was severely out of place and we got him into an oral epigenetic appliance. We still have a ways to go with him, but he is tremendously improving with his breathing at night and no longer complains about his neck or back bothering him! (WINNING)
Alex P.
Boise, ID
I thought I would never be the same after my skiing accident. I am forever grateful.
Trieste Wilde
Sundance, UT
Really important procedure for clearing toxins out of the (hugely important) lymphatic system! And as an added benefit, It also reduces/eliminates lumpy cellulite plus tightens and tones skin. I’m definitely seeing results!
Whitney K.
Provo, UT
I first found out about Atlas Epigenetics when I was registering as a student at BYU. White waiting in a line I overheard another girl talking about a snowboarding injury she had that had left her with blurry vision, constant headaches, and an aching neck, jaw and back. She had anxiety and panic attacks since her accident. She was from Connecticut and had first come to Utah to receive treatments for her symptoms at a Provo clinic. She was now fine—–
An auto accident I was in at age 14 had left me with similar symptoms. My parents had taken me from specialist to specialist. Years later I was still living with my symptoms and learning to manage them as best I could.
I called Atlas Epigenetics. The doctors were amazing. They listened. They explained. They were OK when I cried. Best of all they gave me my life back.
David P.
Riverton, UT
Really glad to have found Atlas Epigenetics. Dr. Chapman has great bedside manner and is exactly who I have needed to see. I have been to other doctors and his approach and procedure is the best I have found. I have also been doing the Lymphatique treatments which has reduced my body inflammation a lot! I have been seeing good results and have been pleased with my experience so far. Joyce and Bonnie have been good to work with. They care about you feeling better and want what is best for you. Thank you to the staff and doctors at Atlas Epigenetics!
Martin C.
Los Angeles, CA
I come to Utah for business, my most productive visit ever is visiting Atlas Epigenetics. Got rid of my TMJ pain.
Sam Bushman
American Fork, UT
I first found Atlas Epigenetics out of desperation. Traditional doctors told me with my diagnosis of Severe Cervical Spinal Stenosis if you don’t do something about this immediately it will become irreversible, and you will become paralyzed.  This is the primary cause of my breathing problems, difficulty swallowing, my headaches, pain in both arms and hands, dizziness and on and on.
When I first called in to learn about Atlas I spoke with Joyce. She was kind and took the time necessary to explain to me the services they provide. At my first appointment I met Dr. Chris Chapman. He answered all my questions then explained to me the non-surgical, non-invasive permanent relief process they use.
In short, it’s T.A.P. -TRANSDERMAL ATLAS POSITIONING based on high tech imaging. Lots of mathematical equations go into this method. However, Dr. Chapman puts things on the kitchen table so even I could understand.
After they took all the imaging, it took a high tech, light tap and my C1 was realigned, back in its proper position. As Dr. Chris says: Now the trick is to “hold” or “Stabilize” the alignment. Since my case is quite severe they prescribed an oral appliance. At first it was strange to have the appliance in my mouth, but it makes a huge difference. You can feel the spine realigning over time as you use it.
After a couple of days the constant pain went out of my left hand and arm. In my case, every part of my body started to change. At first it seemed like some areas were improving and other areas were worse. However, a couple weeks later, I could tell that true healing was taking place. I noticed less pain overall and improvement in motion in my back and neck. I am currently at week 10 so I have a ways to go. However, the improvements are significant and promising to say the least. Dr. Chapman is teaching me that after 53 years of life with trauma and aging it will take time to allow the body to regenerate and heal. I look forward to less pain and better sleep as I continue to make progress without surgery.
Jon Keyworth
Blackfoot, ID
I just had an incredible experience with Dr. Chris. I’m a believer! As an ex Denver Bronco, I know what pain and injuries are all about…
Margie P.
Alpine, UT
Love this clinic! Doctors Chapman and Segall are amazing and so is the office staff. They always treat me the utmost care. The treatments I receive here (upper cervical and endermoligie) have dramatically decreased my chronic migraines and greatly improved my quality of life. Thank YOU!–and where else could I have water melon with Donny Osmond???