Lymphatique’- Endermologie Elevated!!

Lymphatique’ is a unique system designed to supercharge the lymphatic and immune systems utlizing newly FDA approved European computerized endermologie equipment.  The Lymphatique’ system gently and precisely rolls and stimulates the skin.  Debris is released from where it is trapped and adhering to the fascia and flushed into the lymphatic system.  Collagen and elastin production are stimulated in your body’s largest organ, the skin.  Oxygen and nutrient rich blood flow can now reach and nourish the freshly cleansed cells in your skin and throughout every cell in your body. To you the patient, all of this feels like the most relaxing massage you have ever had—yet every single cell in your body is being thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated!

Symptoms of a Sluggish Lymphatic System--Why You Need Lymphatique'.

The most common signs that your lymphatic system is in overload and need of rescue are what most of us have come to sadly accept are parts of normal aging—-they are not.

The world we live in:  constant stress induced cortisol flooding our systems, general adrenal overload, artificial “foods”, poor air and water quality, poor sleep quality, viruses easily spread in poor ventilation and overcrowded spaces, auto exhaust, fire smoke, pesticides, residual pharmaceuticals and anesthetics—all of these things and more contribute to overwhelming stress on the lymphatics.  Injuries and surgeries produce internal and external scarring blocking lymphatic flow.  Misalignment of the C1 backs up cerebrospinal fluid and prevents the glymphatics from cleansing brain cells.

Waking up sore and achy, painful joints, blocked sinuses, brain fog, constant allergies, dry eye, fatigue, under eye bags, saggy skin, cellulite, “water” retention – puffiness, and pockets of fat that just won’t go away are all signs of overworked lymphatics.  The body is overwhelmed by trying to cleanse itself in a not so clean environment.

The more uncomfortable movement becomes the more energy and vitality decrease.

Lymphatique’ cleanses and restarts the lymphatics.  Vitality and vibrancy are restored.

“I lost 40 pounds but was left with loose and unhealthy skin on my arms, legs, and abdomen. Lymphatique' has revitalized and tightened my skin.”

Karen C.Salt Lake City, UT

Health Benefits of Lymphatique'

Lymphatique’ is a unique system utilizing FDA approved electronic equipment designed to supercharge the lymphatic and circulatory systems.

Why supercharge the lymphatic and circulatory systems? The lymphatic system absorbs waste, environmental toxins, broken down scar tissue, allergens, viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. The circulatory system is then able to freely move nutrients and oxygen throughout the body.

The lymphatic system can become overwhelmed, clogged and inefficient : environmental toxins, poor diet, stress induced cortisol, injuries, scar tissue, viruses, bacterias and other pathogens collect and build.

“Lymphatique' is the first treatment that has given me any relief from my Fibromyalgia.”

Margaret L.Nampa, ID

Aesthetic Benefits of Lymphatique’

When this “debris” accumulates in the body it often adheres to the fascia. This ultimately manifests itself as inflammation, cellulite, fat pockets that resist diet and exercise. Cells throughout the body are clogged and thus starved of oxygen and nutrient rich blood flow. The skin, your body’s largest organ, sags and droops where pockets of debris collect.

The Lymphatique’ System gently and very precisely rolls and stimulates the skin. Collagen and elastin production are stimulated. Debris is released from the fascia and flushed into the lymphatic system. Lymphatique’ works deep into visceral fat layers. Increased blood flow nourishes freshly cleaned cells. Inflammation, the root of most health problems, is banished.

The most amazing part of the Lymphatique’ system is that you, the client, throughout each treatment experience what feels like the world’s most soothing massage and facial.

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Melissa's Testimonial: Lymphatique & T.A.P. Combined

Five years ago my beautiful little son, Calvin, was born via emergency Cesarean Section.  There were complications.  The laparotomy ended up leaving a horrible scar.  I also have Crohn’s Disease which is an autoimmune disorder that causes a great deal of inflammation—the body actually attacks itself.  I was in a world of hurt.  The scar was painful, and not healing.

I had consulted with plastic surgeons.  They could do nothing for the pain.  I decided against another invasive procedure.

I heard about Lymphatique’ and it’s ability to reduce scarring.  With my Crohn’s Disease I also thought it might help with the pain from constant inflammation.  I decided to try it.

Typical healthy collagen production in fibrotic tissue is increased from 27% to 130%. -Natural lipolysis (fat breakdown and elimination) is increased by more than 70%.


Increase in circulation for the next six hours.


Increase in lymphatic drainage that increases over time with frequency of treatments.


Increase in activation of collagen production (redensification of the skin).


Increase in activation of elastin production.

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